Are you qualified for funding?

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Types of Funding

  • General Funding:

    • Spring 2018: Use the general funding application found on ASG’s page of the Hub under documents

      • Requests cannot exceed $10,000

      • Expect a 15% cutback

    • Fall 2019 & Beyond: The global cap for requests is reliant on the tier that your organization has worked towards

      • Tier 1: $1,500

      • Tier 2: $3,000

      • Tier 3: $6,000

      • Tier 4: $10,000

  • Unity Funding: Used if 3 or more organizations are hosting an event together

    • Must apply for funds between $5,000 to $15,000

    • Find separate application specific to Unity Funding on ASG’s page of the Hub under documents

  • Note: All funds must be requested at the funding hearings. The committee does not allow for emergency funding or reimbursements of past purchases.

How to apply for funding

To apply for funding please visit the main page of the Hub two weeks prior to funding hearings. The form which can be found as a “badge” on the main page will contain links to the proper applications and information about the hearing.

Email us at if you have any questions or stop by Armstrong 2012 during office hours which can be found in our most recent newsletter.