Funding Information

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Must have at least Tier 1 organization status according to Red Brick Rewards

    • Reaching a higher tier status will allow your organization to request more funding

  • Must be an Affiliated or Registered Student Organization

  • Must have an SD account

  • Must have any events listed on The Hub

Types of Funding

  • General Funding:

    • In compliance with Red Brick Rewards, each organization has a global cap that corresponds to their tier

      • Tier 1: $1,500

      • Tier 2: $3,000

      • Tier 3: $6,000

      • Tier 4: $10,000

    • Types of General Funding:

      • Event

        • Funding used for events on or off campus that an organization is planning to partake in and/or host

      • Capital

        • Funding used for tangible items that an organization purchases with the intent to keep over an extended period of time

      • Administrative

        • Funding that provides assistance to organizations for the day-to-day operations and necessities for the club to remain in existence

  • Unity Funding:

    • To be requested if three or more organizations are hosting an event together

    • Find separate Unity Funding application on ASG’s page on The Hub under Documents

    • Categorical Caps do not apply

Note: All funds must be requested at the funding hearings. The committee does not allow for emergency funding or reimbursements of past purchases.

Email us at, tweet us at @ASGfunding, or stop by Armstrong 2012 during office hours if you have any additional questions.