19 New Student Senate Members Elected

Congratulations to our 19 new members of Student Senate for the 2016 - 2017 School year! We are happy to have you as members of our organization to serve the student body. Here are the list of senators that were elected today:

1st District: Gaby Meissner & William Hoffman

2nd District: Michael Zele & Harold Rogers

3rd District: William Ziegert & Cecilia Comerford

4th District: Cole Hankins & Annika Fowler 

5th District: Christopher Crouse & Charlie Powers

6th District: Claire Keller & Nicholas Ruth 

7th District: Samantha Grabovac & Ellie Livingston 

8th District: Nick Froehlich & Maximilien Mellott

Off Campus Seats Elections 9/12: Spencer Wiese & John DiGiacobbe

CEC Seat Elected 9/12: Adam Lopata