March 15th Presidential Primary Election Voting Information

Am I Registered to Vote?

You can check to see if you are registered to vote on the Butler County Board of Elections website.


Where to Vote in Oxford?

On-Campus Students

The polling location for all on-campus students is the Heritage Room in the Shriver Center on Spring Street.

Voting requirements are a Picture ID (other than your Miami ID) and proof of current address. On-campus students can generate a proof of address letter through MyMiami. (

  • Under the "Miami Web Page Index (Quick Links)" click on the "V" to get a list of "V" Web Page Links.

  • Next, scroll to the "Voter Proof of Address (for Students)" and click on that link.

  • Select "Local Address" and select "Generate Letter."

  • Print the PDF to bring to the polls in Shriver Center or pull PDF up on your cellphone.

Off-Campus Students

Oxford has a variety of polling locations, you can find your polling location through the Butler County Board of Elections site. Select "Voters" and "Find My Polling Place."  (

Or check this map of Oxford: Oxford Polling Places Map (

Picture ID (not Miami ID) and proof of current address are required.

Bring one item with your name and current Oxford address. Examples includes:

  • A utility bill from the last 12 months

  • A bank statement

  • A government check or document

  • A paycheck with your Oxford address

Below is a picture of Oxford Polling Places. Link is above under “Off Campus Students”.