Apply to be a Student Trustee

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Student Trustee Requirements…

● You must be in good academic standing with Miami University during the time of nomination and during the term, if selected. 

● Oxford students must be full-time students to apply. Hamilton and Middletown students may be full- or part-time. 

● You must be 18 years of age or older. 

● You must be a resident of Ohio, meaning you have a permanent address in Ohio and an Ohio government-issued ID or driver’s license. 

● You must be physically present at the Oxford or Regional campuses during the academic years (excluding summer and winter terms) for the duration of the appointment. 

● You may be either an undergraduate or graduate student. 

● You must be able to serve the entirety of the two-year term, barring unforeseen circumstances. If you cannot remain for the entire term, you must be willing to step down.