Every week, Student Senate passes legislation that is sent to administrators. Below is an ongoing list of legislation passed in the 2018-2019 academic year.

SR 181927 A Resolution to Support a City Ordinance Imposing a Fee for Single-Use Plastic Bags

SR 181926 A Resolution for Better Parking at the Student Health Center

SB 181925 A Bill to Remove Student Court from the Official Bylaws and Constitution

SR 181923 A Resolution to Support Fair Labor Practices

SR 181922 A Resolution in Support of a Bill to Give Municipalities the Ability to Enforce Better ID Checks

SB 181921 A Resolution to Support Aid for Break Housing Costs

SB 181920B A Bill to Amend the Statement of Non-Discrimination

SB 181920A A Bill to Amend the Statement of Non-Discrimination

SB 1891919 A Bill to Reform the Oversight Committee

SB 181918 A Bill to Ensure an Inclusive Use of Pronouns

SR 181917 A Resolution to Get that WiFi

SR 181916 A Resolution to Reaffirm Support of the Implementation of Menstrual Hygiene Receptacles

SB 181915 A Bill to Amend the Committee on Student Organization Funding and Audit Standing Rules

SB 181914 A Bill for a Multicultural Event Attendance Requirement

SR 181913 A Resolution for Dining Equity

SB 181912 A Bill to Create a Secretary of Safety

SB 181911 Gender Neutral Bylaws Act

SR 181910 A Resolution to Ensure Dining Hall Accessibility

SB 181909 A Bill to Reclassify Geography

SR 181908 A Resolution of Senate Support for the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment

SB 181907 The Bylaw Cleaning and Reaching Tie Agreements Act

SR 181906 A Resolution to Expand the Sale of Emergency Contraceptive Pills to All Market Locations

SB 181905 Senator At-Large Tenure Act

SR 181904 A Resolution to Reaffirm Support for Changing the Ingress Policy

SB 181903 A Bill to Expand Safety Chair Duties

SR 181902 A Resolution to Expand the Sale of Pregnancy Tests to All Market Locations

SR 181901 A Resolution to Change the Policy Banning Electric Scooters on Campus